Fixing Stuff Around Yourself

Hello everyone

I warmly welcome to all of you in my blog “ Fixing stuff around yourself ” .

In this blog, I will be writing about how fixing my working environment helped me with the learning, behavior and efficiency.

This activity is about how small change around us can make a big difference on our learning environment, behavior and show our leadership qualities. Most of us don’t like to do work at home. I often do home works. Due to this activity, I realized that how I threw things any where and my mother had to clear all the mess . This task was so interesting and I really enjoyed it. Before starting my activity there are many question arises

  1. Which room/area were you situated in when doing this activity?

I was in the living room when I read about this activity. I saw around myself and realized what I had done with this area. I also wonder why I was sitting in this area when I started my course.

Before starting

I saw there are many things which have not to be in their place like; my clothes on bed, pillows and bed sheet are on their mess position, my laptop bag and some other stuff on table. Also, the quilt need to be folded and put under the bed cover. I know, What a Mess!

Now took an action:

The mentioned stuff is needed to be fixed because it is my working environment and if I am not comfortable with my working environment then I cannot perform well at all. So lets start.

I placed everything on their original positions. Then I finished with dusting off this place and it took almost an hour to complete this task. When I started my work, I really enjoyed cleaning and completed it by placing even a single pin on its place.

After doing my job

Having an organized table I don’t waste my time finding stuff that I need because I know where I’ve placed it.

How did you feel after completing this task?

Feeling quite proud of myself. I’ve always heard that making one’s bed is a relaxing and therapeutic activity but never believed until today.

How does this activity relate to leadership without authority and everyday leadership?

If it wasn’t made mandatory to clean up the mess, I wouldn’t have taken the responsibility to do it. I think it shows a lack of everyday leadership. So I definitely need to work on it. On the other hand, This activity is very much related to leadership without authority because no one is asking you to fix your stuff, yet you still fix your stuff.

Thanks for reading this out.

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